Concrete Cutting Dandenong


Looking for a concrete cutting company?

At Alternative Grinding Solutions, we offer various solutions in Concrete Cutting Dandenong, Concrete Drilling, and Concrete Grinding. Our experienced team can operate in various locations, on residential, commercial or even industrial projects. We use the latest equipment available, making sure we are in compliance with regulations while dispensing the highest quality work.

If you have been looking for concrete professionals with prominent expertise and experience, you shouldn’t look any further! We are your solution. Our exhaustive array of services is the most reliable and cost-effective around. All projects are delivered within the time agreed upon,  environmentally friendly and we clean after ourselves.

Concrete Cutting Geelong


We are proud to offer a complete set of solutions for any Concrete Cutting Dandenong & Melbourne work.

Furthermore, we do the following services :

  • Concrete Cutting in slabs, trenches, factory floors, driveways, asphalt, bitumen, factory floors, …
  • Core Drilling all sizes and depths in any angles and through concrete, brick, asphalt, …
  • Disposal of concrete
  • Cutting & Sawing

You can trust us to do the best job in an efficient, professional and clean manner. We know what to do and how to do it, thanks to our extensive experience. We will be able to help you whatever your concrete issue is.


It would be easy to try attempting yourself hiring the right equipment, but you should know that concrete work can be and is very difficult. Our experts are here to help. Our staff will provide you with pieces of advice and an unprecedented value for money. We always adapt ourselves to your requirements and complete any job very efficiently with high standards.

Our team possess all the specialist tools and are trained to get the work done well. As a consequence, we will always assess the job and understand your needs so we can provide with the best service.

So, if you are looking for any concrete work done in Melbourne today, you should contact us! Give us an explanation of what you need and your requirements and we will be able to decide if we can help. No job is too big, or too small… Most of all, you can trust our experienced team to get the job done accurately and in no time.


We are servicing Dandenong and all Melbourne Suburbs !