Concrete Flooring Melbourne


At Alternative Grinding Solutions, we provide exceptional Concrete Flooring Melbourne solutions for your precious home and offices. Enhancing your experiences with floors is our specialization. You will not only be indulging yourself in the simplistic art but also enjoying the functional effort concrete floors bring into your environment. Do you know concrete flooring has rapidly gaining its popularity in recent years ? And therefore, our craftsmen are craving to be the top of suppliers in the industry.

Concrete Flooring Melbourne services

Are you looking for a solution to transform old cement floors to a pleasing and long lasting surface that at the same time, simple to clean and maintain? Concrete floors are all you need! We are proud of our fine flooring services; its beauty comes from the aesthetic of minimalism, being attractive yet functional and suitable for both residential and commercial areas. Transforming, that is, is the solution you have been looking for.

And yes, we offer a varied range of concrete flooring services:

  • Exterior Floor Finishes: Your pool and backyard’s enhancement.
  • Industrial Expoxy Flooring Melbourne – Concrete Expoxy Coating: Thermosetting plastic set over existing concrete floors.
  • Concrete Sealing: Easier to clean and maintain.
  • Concrete Cutting & Grinding: Latest equipment is our promise.
  • Polished Concrete Floors: According to your desires, they can definitely come with prestige and style.
  • 2 Pack Paint: Your existing concrete will be diamond grinded through the top layer to open the pores so that the top coats will be boned to the floor.
  • OH&S Flooring: A purelu practical application, line markings and walk ways are classic examples.
  • Mechanical Polished Floor (Burnished): A cheapest method of creating a lavishly smooth, shiny and picturesque finish to a concrete surface.
  • Commercial Painting:  a complete painting service and maintenance solution from covering up graffiti, painting offices, restoring a facade or painting new inner city development structures.

How about have a look here to understand more about how your needs will be fully satisfied with us?

So, why Alternative Grinding Solutions?

Good question, we have more than one reasons for you to choose our Concrete Flooring Melbourne services over many others out there:

  • We have been in the industry almost 10 years.
  • Our services extension over the years has proved the facts that our Concrete Flooring Melbourne services are highly trusted.
  • We have a high qualified team that always embraces a strong work ethic and integrity in every pieces of work we do, which is evident in the quality of our projects.
  • Not only you, large and high profile companies such as Metro Transport, Altimate Foods Australia, Frater Moilere Construction Group and USG Boral Plaster have also served by our skillful craftsmen.
Concrete Flooring Melbourne
Concrete Flooring Melbourne
Concrete Flooring Melbourne
Concrete Flooring Melbourne

What else is holding you back?

Concrete Flooring Melbourne is best delivered with us. So contact us now so we can help you out with that.

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