Exterior Floor Finishes


Aussies are entertainers and there’s a growing demand from families who want their backyard spaces to be extensions of their indoor living areas. There’s no better place than to party with your friends around the barbie or lounging on a comfortable outdoor space.
High traffic areas like the backyard or pool area demand surfaces that are durable and look great all year ‘round. Our team have the know-how and years of experience to transform your backyard space with exterior floor finishes that shine.

Exterior Floor Finishes Outdoors

We can transform the exterior floor space of your backyard into a shining extension of your indoor living area. It’s not uncommon to see a walk into a backyard space in 2018 and see a shade shelter over an outside kitchen and entertaining area. No wonder the party is going until the early hours during the warmer month the Summer months!

Epoxy or concrete?

If you are looking for a surface that is durable enough to stand your typical garage use and also can easily be maintained for outside entertaining, then Epoxy has many benefits. Alternative Grinding Solutions has years of experience repairing, installing and helping home owners to maintain their concrete, epoxy and exterior finishes outdoors.

UV Protection

The fact that epoxy floor coverings are not only ascetically pleasing but also are durable is why they’re increasingly the choice of home owners. Epoxys are long lasting and come in a range of colours, designs and texture choices. As long as the epoxy contains a sturdy substrate of concrete, granite or stone, then you will be on to a winner!

Better for the family

Often porous concrete surfaces contain dust that can incite health conditions. The benefit of a polished epoxy exterior floor finishes is that it releases no toxins. It repels harsh chemicals including oil or fuels that can be spilled from the car. Epoxy is also resistant to tire marks and can also hide any imperfections in your existing concrete surface.

Versatile exterior Floor finishes

From your concrete walkway, back porch, patios, decking and pool area, epoxy coatings offer an affordable option to provide and a commercial floor coating suitable for the backyard. Epoxy is a high quality surface that is resistant to the harsh conditions of the Australian climate.
There’s a raft of options for your surface including floating carpet tiles, interlocking floor tiles and epoxy systems that provide a non-skid finish that looks great every time.
We have experience working with a range of different exterior floor finishes and can help you choose the most suitable option for your family.

Texture and Shine

If you’re preparing to lay a slab in your backyard and want that immaculate stone fresh free look. Then Alternative Grinding Solutions can assist you and provide you all the advice to ensure you gain the best finish possible.

For the industrial look with minimal stone often in garages, restaurants and outdoor areas, we can grind off the top layers of the surface to obtain an immaculate finish.

Full exposure is one of the most popular epoxy finishes seen inside homes and showrooms. It results in a decorative look that requires more preparation and care during the production process. Alternative Grinding Solutions possess extensive experience preparing a range of exterior floor finishes for different conditions so your outdoor spaces look great all year ‘round.

If you are looking to turn your outdoor space into a place that is the envy of all your friends, then don’t hesitate to contact Alternative Grinding Solutions.

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