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Expert concrete polishing and concrete grinding Geelong

At Alternate grinding solutions, we bring our valuable experience and know-how to provide our clients with exceptional Geelong concrete Grinding solutions. Based in Melbourne, we do all kind of jobs, offering multiple alternatives and different services. Our main aim is to protect and bring a brand new look to your floors and property.

Domestic, Commercial, Industrial Projects

We operate over multiple locations – domestic, commercial and construction industry dealing with tradesmen, property owners, architects, shop owners, and many more

Additionally, we are experts in striping all types of floors and coverings, we offer the best opportunity in Geelong & Melbourne, bringing your floors a new stylish and durable look, that your peers will be astonished by.

Alternate Grinding Solutions’ team like to work in close cooperation with its clients to choose and find the most appropriate solution for time, money, and others requirements. We will come up and propose different options, making sure that our services will match and surpass your project expectations.

Main benefits of our Geelong Concrete grinding Solutions

  • Highly multipurposed: grinding and polishing concrete floors will look amazing in any situation in contrary of plywood or others flooring options.
  • Aesthetically remarkable: various colors and finishes available
  • Savvy solutions:  we can transform your concrete slabs for the finished floor without having to remove existing floorings. 
  • Long life span: concrete is less vulnerable to any sort of damage, spills or accidents.
  • Eco-friendly: no hazardous or harmful chemicals to Earth are used during construction stage and over maintenance.
  • Energy savvy: heating energy consumption reduced after concrete grinding and polished solutions, is very common.
  • Low maintenance – easy to clean dust, dirt and will resist heavy traffic or stains from water, oil, chemical or any spills.
  • Highly reflective: illuminate your spaces with natural light.
  • Economically interesting: cheaper than any other flooring options available. 
concrete grinding geelong
concrete grinding

What solutions can we provide ?

Our Geelong Concrete grinding premium floors will last for a lifetime. Our services include :

  • Concrete slab grinding
  • Polishing concrete

We can also help with:

  • Grinding floors for concrete leveling
  • Removal of various Paint, stains, adhesive, and glue
  • Surface Preparation
  • Removal of old sealants and apply new ones
  • Exposed driveway grinding solutions
  • Advises in choosing a smooth and eye appealing finish

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