Polished Concrete Floor Cost

The industrial theme has grown in popularity over recent years, not just in residential interiors but also in modern commercial interior design. Focused on simplicity and minimalism, modern industrial design combines raw and rustic materials such as steel, wood, and exposed brick walls to create a natural, open, and contemporary ambience. 

Polished concrete floors are the perfect complement to the modern industrial look. Subtle and understated, polished concrete adds a sophisticated touch to the timeless retro vibe on top of superior advantages over other flooring materials.


What is polished concrete?

Polished concrete is produced by grinding and polishing a concrete slab using diamond grinding tools. This is done to remove imperfections, flatten and level the surface, expose the stone aggregates (particles), and achieve the desired level of shine and lustre. 

In contrast to regular concrete floors, polished concrete features a high-gloss surface and is available in a wide range of colours and patterns through staining and coating. Renowned for outstanding durability and longevity, polished concrete is an affordable, low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly flooring material.

Where is polished concrete flooring commonly used?

Highly versatile, hard-wearing, and weather-resistant, polished concrete floors are suitable for both indoor aesthetics and outdoor practicality, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Garage
  • Driveway
  • Patios
  • Pool decking

What are the pros and cons of polished concrete floors?


  1. Outstanding durability

    One of the hardiest flooring options available, polished concrete floors are termite-resistant, fireproof, won’t rot from moisture, and can last for decades.

  2. Versatile colours & designs

    Available in a variety of colours and designs using stains, dyes, and faux finishes, there are endless choices where the aesthetics of polished concrete are concerned.

  3. Easy to clean

    Besides being a deterrent to dust mites, the highly polished and seamless surface of polished concrete makes cleaning a breeze compared to tiles and natural stone.

  4. Marble-like appearance

    Polished concrete floors can be made to closely resemble marble floors with the right level of polishing to achieve a similar degree of ultra-reflective sheen and smoothness.

  5. Energy-efficient

    Commonly used in passive solar design, concrete is a thermal mass material with the ability to absorb and store heat and cold. Polished concrete floors are highly energy efficient, absorbing heat from direct sunlight during the day and releasing it gradually during the night. Conversely, during hot summer months, polished concrete retains the coolness absorbed during the night and releases it over the course of the day.

    This unique feature enables polished concrete floors to maintain a comfortable temperature naturally and reduces dependence on heating and cooling systems.

  6. Enhances natural lighting

    The reflective surface of polished concrete floors instantly creates a bright ambience and reduces the need for artificial lighting, which creates further energy savings.


The cost for polished concrete flooring depends on square meters and the complexity of the design and finishing. An average design typically costs between $3 to $8 per square metre while elaborate designs featuring multiple colours, patterns, scoring, and sealing can range from $$5 to $15 per square metre.

What are the different types of polished concrete?

The types of finishing for polished concrete floors depend on how much concrete material is removed through the grinding process, i.e. the exposure level of the aggregates—the crushed stone and sand particles used in the construction process. 

The three main types of finishing are as follows:

  1. Cream Polished Concrete

    There is no grinding involved in this finishing. The surface is polished using diamond pads to bring out the natural variations of the concrete’s colour and texture for an organic, marble-like look. Only suitable for freshly poured concrete surfaces, cream polished concrete is a popular installation for new properties.

  2. Salt and Pepper Finish

    The concrete surface is gently ground to expose the more refined grains of aggregates, giving it a speckled ‘salt-and-pepper’ look. It is then polished to produce a high-gloss finish. A popular choice for residential renovations.

  3. Fully Exposed Aggregate Finish

    The concrete surface is heavily ground to expose the largest aggregates in the concrete mix, giving it a terrazzo-like appearance. Available in different texture variations, a fully exposed aggregate finish often features a matte look in contrast to the other two.

How does polished concrete compare with tiles, carpeting, wood floors, and natural stone?

A cost-effective alternative to marble or granite with a similar reflective surface, polished concrete floors can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. In contrast, carpeting, tiles, and even wood floors will need to be replaced more regularly. Besides its resistance to dust mites and mould, polished concrete creates significant energy savings, giving you much greater value for money in the long run.

How long does it take to polish a concrete floor?

The amount of time needed to polish a concrete floor depends on the following factors:

  • Size and shape of the floor
  • Type and complexity of finishing
  • Necessary repairs

A typical time frame would be 3 to 5 days, but this can vary.

How long do polished concrete floors last?

With proper care and maintenance, polished concrete floors can last for decades. In contrast, conventional concrete floors usually start cracking or chipping within five years or so. Polished concrete has reduced porosity, which greatly enhances its durability.

If you’re looking for a flooring option that not only stands the test of time but looks fantastic and is kind to your wallet and the environment, polished concrete is the answer for you! 

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