OH&S Flooring


OH&S Flooring

While some kinds of painting are primarily for beauty and appearance, other situations require a purely practical application, line markings and walk ways are classic examples. This is OH&S Flooring.  At Alternative Grinding Solutions, we apply our commitment to quality and attractiveness to every job.  That means that even when we are painting line stripes on factory floors or color coding bin areas, we do so with attention to detail and excellent results.  We share you goals for an orderly, pleasant work environment.

Employees & Others Individuals Protection

Now that you know the floor marking basics aka OH&S Flooring, how can it protect employees from hazards?  Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Separate workers from machines and moving equipment: use floor markings to designate paths that protect pedestrians from forklifts, electrical panels, heavy machinery, and other hazards.
  • Warn of hazardous areas: keep employees sale on loading docks around dangerous equipment and around areas with exposed edges.
  • Provide instruction: let employees know where to stand (or where to avoid) when operating heavy machinery and other equipment.

To clear things up, OH&S has offered interpretations expanding on these requirements.  Interpretations state that:

  • Floor marking lines must be at least 80mm wide to ensure maximum visibility, though the agency recommends lines to be 80 to 100mm wide.
  • OSHA allows facilities with unusual surfaces (including dirt floors) to use flags, traffic cones, barrels, and other similar methods as long as employees are trained on the system used.

OH&S Flooring Solutions offered

Alternative Grinding OH&S Flooring offers some guidance for establishing a color-coded floor marking system.

  • Red identifies fire-related hazards (including fire protection equipment and containers of flammable liquids), as well as emergency switches, bars and buttons on hazardous machines.
  • Yellow signals caution and marks physical hazards (including striking against stumbling, falling, tripping, and “caught in between”).
  • Improve forklift safety: forklifts are fraught with hazards. Floor marking can establish pedestrian only paths, keep employees away from imbalanced or unsafe loads, and establish traffic controls for drivers.
  • Establish traffic routes: Establish aisles for pedestrians and vehicles and direct the flow of traffic; doing so can help employees get where they are going in a safe, efficient manner.
  • Designate storage areas: Floor marking can corner off areas meant for inventory, PPE, hazardous equipment, forklifts and other items.

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