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Why Alternative Concrete Grinding Melbourne Solutions?

We have an experience of over 7 years in the grinding business. We have been providing Concrete Grinding Melbourne solutions all over the Melbourne metro area. We have worked with various large and high profile companies such as Metro Transport, Altimate Foods Australia, etc.
We offer all types of polishing ranging from a mechanically polished concrete to epoxy floor coating and polyurethane sealers. No job is too big or small for us at Alternative Grinding Solutions. All our grinding services are backed up with a long history of experience and expertise in the Grinding industry.

We are all about raising your opinions about polished concrete flooring. We can create q wide array of finishes that have for goal to enhance the looks of your floors around your lifestyle and personal tastes. When it comes to concrete grinding Melbourne solutions, nobody in the industry is more qualified than us to achieve such high level of results. Our only mission is to provide our clients with the best flooring solutions. With our extensive experience, we have perfected our skills and offers to bring the best out of your floors.
Traditional floors such as tile, carpet, hardwood flooring or vinyl are getting less popular. That is why more and more families and companies are switching to concrete grinding and polishing in Melbourne. As it is a very user friendly flooring options, it is wise to follow the trend. because of its highly durable qualities, you will save time, money and materials when opting for Alternative concrete grinding Melbourne solutions. If you are considering such solutions, give us a call for a free quote. We are specialized and dedicated to come up with the best solutions, accommodating to your needs and expectations.

Look no further, Alternative Grinding have a solution for you!

Solve all the problems for you
You don’t have to worry about how to fix your floor's, our experts know how to do it quickly and effectively!

Best price
We offer fair and affordable prices to provide more people with the services they need.

We guarantee the quality of service
We care about our reputation and good results of our work, so we guarantee our work is done at the highest level.

We will execute all works on time
We value your time and always do our work in time, so you could use your appliances as soon as possible!

Leading Concrete grinding Melbourne solutions

Your local business that has been creating stunning floors in Melbourne and Victoria for years. We are experts in the flooring, grinding ans sealing industry. We offer our services over residential, commercial and industrial projects on existing or new floors. Being well known and trusted, we are your one stop concrete grinding company. Our team is composed by highly experienced professionals, able to create astonishing polished floors on interior and exterior surfaces.

In addition to enhancing the looks of your floors, concrete grinding Melbourne also assists in keeping your home and building floors cool in summer and warm in winter, which is highly lessening energy expenses.


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Geelong Concrete grinding

CONCRETE Grinding and Polishing

Enhancing your floors is our specialization. We provide exceptional concrete flooring Melbourne solutions.. Concrete floors, being one of the most attractive and functional flooring solutions in both residential and commercial areas, are what we take the most pride in. Transforming old cement floors to a pleasing and long lasting surface, that is simple to clean and maintain, is the solution you have been looking for.
  At Alternative Grinding Solutions, we have been increasingly demanded as our epoxy flooring options are growing in popularity, leading to a higher demand and more aesthetic finishes.

Epoxy Flooring options

There are different elaborate steps to produce the best polished concrete results. Basically, grinding and polishing involves surface preparation, grinding, sealing and polishing. Any additional step is a reiteration of one of these to achieve a better finish. The preparation of the floor depends if the concrete slab is existing or new. Polished concrete is progressively becoming one of the most popular concrete finish option as it is very economic and considered as a environmentally friendly solution. It also has a very long life span and an easy to clean surface.

The team at Alternative is very experienced to undertake the best finish on any concrete floors, which will match and enhance the existing environment of your property.

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Commercial painting Melbourne

Commercial Painting doesn’t just involve in painting but also maintaining a wow factor to blend the purpose with the functionality of the location. It involves in making sure that you have the output which is easy to clean, maintain and lasts for long.

The team will provide you with polished floor, Epoxy Floor and other various options to make sure that you have got your commercial painting covered.

The finest polished concrete grinding melbourne company

We have always believed in providing the best solutions for our clients, so they can get the exact floors they are wanting. We provide our clients with different solutions so they can decide how their floors will look. When we provide your with our solutions, we will go above and beyond to match your exact expectations. That is what makes us different from any other company. Request a quote by filling up the form below. We are looking forward to receiving your queries and starting a new project with you. For concrete grinding Melbourne solutions, Alternative grinding is the best company you can opt for. Trust us and we will deliver a tailored up solution matching your requirements and wishes.

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Our experts will solve them in no time.

Frank accountant

Alternative Grinding Solutions has made our factory space much more user friendly and easier to maintain.

Sandra manager

Thanks for the amazing result on our showroom floor. The old concrete floor looks brand new!

Martin teacher

Rob was so reliable and efficient when grinding my office space.


We can highly recommend Alternative Grinding.  From initial consultation to the actual completion of the job, was a very professional and easy experience. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks Rob.

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